Whether you are a first time LA visitor or a local, the sheer amount of great culinary experiences can be daunting. And if you’re not careful, you can fall into the trap of places that are over-hyped and underwhelming. Let us take the guessing out of the equation for you and host you for a night of local favorite hot spots.  

Stops on your DTour will include:

  • 3 of our favorite local restaurants with a wonderful variety of cuisine and cocktail menus from inventive chefs and mixologists.

  • Hip restaurants with great design elements, stunning views and great people watching. You never know who could be sitting at the next table over...

  • An fun and energetic way to dive into LA’s food and cocktail scene. The knowledge provided by your guide can help you get the lay of LA’s culinary land. And this foodie and cocktail tour is a perfect way to kickstart a night out on the town.

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