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Dan Tanner

I love to wander; whether its to the the 32 countries I've visited or through the streets of Atlanta where I've lived for over 30 years. I've grown to love this city for its unique blend of Southern urban culture. And there's nothing I enjoy more than to introduce it to visitors and potential new ATLiens alike. Let me show you the diverse neighborhoods and rich history of Atlanta in a personalized way that only a local can


Melinda McKendrick

I'm that rare breed, an Atlanta native. I grew up in the city, later married another local and am now happily raising my own kids here. I've always loved travel and had some amazing opportunities to see the world. But Atlanta has always been home. I love this city, its history, its beauty, its contrasts. An ever-changing city full of new spaces to explore and a warm and welcoming place full of old haunts to revisit time and again. I can't wait to introduce you to my home


Chris Skeene

I've lived my whole life in the South but made Atlanta my home. The ‘City in the Forest’ has captivated me. Atlanta is fluid and ever-changing so there's always something new to discover. As an artist and father of two boys, I'm drawn to the hidden parts of the city and love sharing these places and experiences with others

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Derek Krantz

I lived all over the U.S., growing up in Michigan, Texas and North Carolina before going to college at the University of Michigan. Go Blue! I’ve had two careers of passion: Film and Travel. My career as an actor and filmmaker have seen me take up residence in New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, Nashville and Atlanta while my career in Travel has taken me all over the world. I’m also a huge fan of History and Sports as well as an avid Foodie!


Mariana Luna

I have a bachelor's degree in hospitality and tourism management. I was born in the wine capital of Mendoza, Argentina and have fallen in love, twice, with Atlanta. The first time was when I met my husband, a native "ATLien", who introduced me to the beautiful city through photos and videos full of forests and buildings. Then again, a second time, when I came to live in Atlanta!

This is a fascinating city; full of art, rich in stories that make you feel southern charm, and full of world-class quality!

Let me show you how wonderful this city is!

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