With more than 25 film and television productions at any time, Atlanta is becoming known as the 'Hollywood of the South'. Visit film locations from two of the most popular franchises - The Walking Dead and The Hunger Games  

* For location sites outside Atlanta, such as Woodbury & Alexandria, see 'Where the Walking Dead Lives' *

Stops on your DTour will include:


  • Rick on the Atlanta Interstate - The spot of the iconic Walking Dead poster, where Rick enters downtown Atlanta on his horse

  • Rick's & Morgan's houses - Homes in the historic neighborhood used for filming in Season 1

  • Walkers in the City - Locations in downtown Atlanta where Rick first encountered the Walkers and Merle lost his head (and hand)

  • The Hospital - The building where Rick awoke from his coma and emerged into a new world

  • The Center for Disease Control - The building used as the CDC, where the survivors traveled looking for answers

  • Terminus - See the place where 'those who arrive survive'


THE HUNGER GAMES  - visits the following locations:

  • District 8 - The hospital where Katniss' visits survivors and is bombed

  • The Capitol - The location of Peeta's rescue from the Capitol and the Tribute's Quarters

  • District 12 - The site of Katniss' home, including the Town Square and where she was taken away to the reaping

  • President Snow's Mansion - The home used as the mansion of the President of Panem

  • District 11 - The site used for District 11's riots

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