Escape Atlanta to visit the town that hosts the production of the show. See the settlements of both Woodbury and Alexandria as well as surrounding rural film locations

* Due to location and distance, the tour duration is longer and priced separately*

Some of the stops on your DTour will include:

  • Woodbury - The survivor's settlement ruthlessly run by the Governor in Season 3

  • Woodbury Shoppe - The official Walking Dead store containing thousands of collectibles

  • The Walking Dead Museum - Artifacts including Daryl's motorcycle, the 'Dead Inside' hospital door and a cell from the prison where Rick and his crew temporarily resided

  • Nick & Norman's - Director Greg Nicotero and Norman Reedus' local restaurant

  • Alexandria - The exterior of the walled-off community containing the survivor's safe-zone

  • Rick meets the Governor - The barn and mill where Rick and the Governor secretly meet

  • The Pharmacy & Saloon - The town with locations where Glenn & Maggie find medical supplies (and each other) and the saloon where Rick finds Hershel 

  • 'Clear' - The town where Rick discovers Morgan holed-up and losing his sanity

  • The Arena - The stadium where combatants fight both each other and surrounding zombies

* For Atlanta film locations, see the 'Walking Dead to the Hunger Games' Tour *

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