Escape Atlanta to visit the town that hosts the production of the show. See the settlements of both Woodbury and Alexandria as well as surrounding rural film locations

Stops on your DTour will include:

  • Woodbury - the survivor's settlement ruthlessly run by the Governor in Season 3

  • Woodbury Shoppe - the official Walking Dead store containing hundreds of collectibles

  • The Walking Dead Museum - artifacts including Daryl's motorcycle, the 'Dead Inside' hospital door and a cell from the prison where Rick and his crew temporarily resided

  • Nic & Norman's - director Greg Nicotero and Norman Reedus' restaurant

  • Alexandria - the exterior of the walled-off community containing the survivor's safe-zone

  • Rick meets the Governor - the barn and mill where Rick and the Governor secretly meet

  • The Pharmacy & Saloon - the town with locations where Glenn & Maggie find medical supplies (and each other) and the saloon where Rick finds Hershel 

  • 'Clear' - the town where Rick discovers Morgan holed-up and losing his sanity and the 'Away With You' wall

  • The Arena - the stadium where combatants fight both each other and surrounding zombies

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