Experience for yourself the film locations used in one of TV's biggest streaming sensations. Visit 'Upside' locations in Atlanta and 'Down' sites south of the city in several rural towns used during filming of the hit show

Stops on your DTour will include:

  • Hawkins, IN neighborhoods - see the homes of the Wheelers, Sinclairs and Hendersons and the streets where the boys spent many a scene on their bikes

  • Screen Gems - get a glimpse of the Studios where Stranger Things is filmed

  • Hawkins Public Pool - check out Billy’s domain from Season 3

  • Hawkins Middle School - the home of the Hawkins Cubs, where Mike, Will, Dustin & Lucas attended school

  • Hawkins High School - the home of the Hawkins Tigers and the hangout for Nancy, Steve, Jonathan & poor Barb

  • The Town of Hawkins, IN

    • Melvald's General Store - Joyce Byer's workplace

    • Radio Shack - the store Joyce's boyfriend, Bob Newy managed

    • Hawk Cinema - the theater where derogatory messages were written about Nancy and Steve and Jonathan had their huge fight

    • Public Library - where Chief Harper researched information on the Hawkins Lab

  • Brimborn Steelworks - see the nesting place of the Mindflayer

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